About Me & My Day Trips

I have been doing day trips all my life.

From when I was a kid going to the beach with my parents or to a water falls near Elora where my Aunt, Uncle and cousins lived.

As well as my family would spend the day swimming and picnicing for the day at Belwood Lake with my parents friends, having a day swimming and barbecuing.

I think back while I was growing up there was a lot ofday tripping as many did not have trailors or cottages.

In the winter we would go to the sandhills toboganning or to Chicopee skiing for the day.

Once on my own I sarted going antiqueing for day trips, doing auctions
and going to different Flea markets.

I remember the King Tut exibit 33 years ago at the Rom and when the kids were small we did the Children's museum many times then
on to the Bruce County Museum.

There are so many places to go and they keep changing. I hope to keep you posted on all the places I go to as well as any I hear about.

I would love any input from you if you have been to something you think others would enjoy ,so come along with me and take a day trip.

Cottage Country Holidays
My Daughter & I walking around Little Tub in Tobermory

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