Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory

Walking into the Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory is like walking out of Ontario and into a lush tropical oasis.

As you look around you will see thousands of free flying butterflies, birds, bugs and other wildlife.

It is a great afternoon for curious children, photography nuts and those looking for a unique first date.

cambridge butterfly conservatory

My daughter and I took the Grandchildren out to the Butterfly
Conservatory in Cambridge this June for a Day Trip .

I had heard of it and had been meaning to go but finally it was my daughter that got me there. What an experience!

cambridge butterfly conservatory

I had no idea and really didn't know what to expect. We visited at the end of June so there were quite a few school trips and lots of young kids running around.

When you go into the conservatory, it is just like going into the jungle or Costa Rica. It is really warm and there really are Butterflies flying around.

Not just monarchs, but beautiful butterflies I had only seen in
cambridge butterfly conservatory

There are water features so there are turtles and gold fish; big
gold fish! My granddaughter really liked the little feeding stations
where the butterflies would stop to feed.

There are guides working there and they have lots of information and bugs and the like to  show you. We saw an African Cockroach and a Stick Bug.

cambridge butterfly conservatory

I think my little granddaughter would have run around in there for
hours. It really is something to see. Nature in a building really.

There are lots of other things they offer at the Butterfly Conservatory in Cambridge.

You can be married there; wouldn't that be beautiful in the winter or in not so nice weather? Always beautiful there. The pictures would be amazing, what a different venue!

butterfly conservatory cambridge

They do Birthday parties and it comes with a guided tour through the
conservatory plus a meal and a Butterfly cake!! What a different
way to celebrate a birthday. They are very ready for kids too so that
is great!!

What young child would love to go to camp there as well. That's right,
they do day camps called Bug quest starting at age 5.

There are children's programs for teachers as well as for parents

butterfly conservatory cambridge
This is a place that must not be missed and has so much to offer
Remember Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory It is on Kasouth rd out past
Waterloo Wellington Airport and about an hour outside of Toronto.

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