Saugeen Golf Club

Saugeen Golf Club is a cottage country golf course that doesn't provide a lot of difficulty. Try to play the Sunrise and Legacy courses. The Legacy course was designed by Stanley Thompson.

Price A
Difficulty C
Scenery B
Green Conditions A
Fairway Conditions B
Club house B
Layout C
Practice Facility B

Saugeen's prime time rate is $62 which does include golf range but not a golf cart. This price range falls into the A rating category.

The difficulty for this course was too easy. A mid handicapper can play from the tips and easily break 90. The length and reasonably flat greens make this course pretty simple to play.  A "C" rating is right for this area.

There are some nice looking holes on this course here and there. The Sunrise course I feel is definately the most scenic of the courses and Sunset being the least scenic. The course uses a mix of trees, water and some sand to decorate the course but some holes are quite plain.  This course is deserving of a B rating for scenery.

Saugeen Golf Club

The green conditions were pretty good. They were smooth but maybe a little too long. I have to give the greens an A rating as they were is decent condition.

Fairway conditions were good but a little long and soft. I think a B rating for these fairways is appropriate.

The clubhouse has full facilities however they are very old and dated. Remember Caddyshack? I think a B rating is appropriate.

Saugeen Golf Club

The layout was pretty up and down for these courses. There was a lot of cutting across other holes to get from one tee box to the next. A few hokey holes and a very flat, straight course at times too.  On the up side, there were also a few nicely shaped holes such as 2nd & 3rd holes on Sunrise and the 5th at Legacy. The course rating for this area is a C although I may be a little harsh here - what do you think?

Saugeen Golf Club is in Southampton Ontario.

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