Armens Cafe; Southampton Ontario

Armens Cafe started doing international dinners in 2009 and 2010. Their third summer was a no go but that doesn't mean Armen's doesn't know how to draw in the crowds.

Armens is well known for their culinary excellence for at least the past 10 years and has been written up in the Lonely Planet.

Armens started out as just breakfast and lunch spot, and as mentioned above just started the price fix menu for dinner.  There is also a roof top patio so if you want open air dining this is the spot!

armens cafe patio

Jen was Armen's second in command and dressed according to the nightly dinner theme.  Feel free to do the same!

For those who want to relive their travel's around the world or those who are looking to try something new you can experience everything from Thai and Indian food to a bit more exotic like Kenyan and Tibetan fare.

armens cafe inside

Armen is famous for his Eggs Benny, lunchtime wraps and carrot cake (my fave!)
armens cafe
Armens' is also well known for thier vegetarin options.

Like many things in cottage country Amens' fades with the summer months and expect it to be closed if you visit in the winter.

Amen himself takes off to a new international destination every year.

You can find Armen's on High Street in Southampton Ontario,  across from the Offshore Bakery.

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