Southampton Ontario; An idyllic cottage town

I have been cottaging in Southampton Ontario since the late 1960's as my parents transitioned from renting to owning in the mid 1970's and then finally in the late 1980's we built our own cottage.
The Southampton horizon is marked by Chantry Island, making it especially picturesque.

Southampton has everything a great cottage country holiday town needs. Pristine beaches, lots of activities for all ages, amenities like groceries and a thriving main street.

It has more than just white sandy beaches though, it is great for golf, tennis, music camp, fishing and the art school.

Southampton Ontario Beaches

Southampton's cottage area can be split into four sections; The North Shore, Main Beach, Uptown and South Beach.

The North Shore Southampton

Once you cross the Saugeen River you have entered the North Shore. Take an immediate left after the bridge and follow the river and around back towards the Lake.

This area of Southampton Ontario houses a mixture of cottages and year round homes. However if you are looking for sandy beaches it is best to head back into the heart of town.

North Shore Southampton Ontario

Still on the North Shore of Southampton you will also find Chippewa Golf Course one of three Southampton golf courses.

If you follow the shoreline out of town you will first hit the Saugeen First Nation Indian Reserve and the Saugeen Amphitheater; keep going to visit Sauble Beach.

The Southampton Harbour is found along the Saugeen River and separates the North Shore from the rest of town. Catch the Peerless for a tour of the Chantry Island Lighthouse.

Main Beach Southampton

Starting at the large flag at the lake end of Southampton's main street head south towards Gerry's Fries for some of the best beaches Southampton has to offer.

Dune beaches mark the shoreline from here all the way to South Beach. Watch out for rocky sections however a consistent sandy bottom beach isn't found until the opposite side of Gerry's as you head to the PUC building.

This area of town is where you will find the Southampton Tennis Club and if you are in the vicinity as the morning children's lessons are taking place listen for the cries of OVERHAND and UNDERHAND! If you are a tennis fanatic this is a great family oriented club with round robins for all ages on different days of the week and the famous Cups Day tournament at the end of August.

If you have a trailer there is a few trailer parks where you might be able to find a spot to rent and park your trailer for the season.

Take a sunset walk along the beach sidewalk or watch the nightfall on one of the memorial benches.

South Beach Southampton

This is the south edge of Southampton before you enter Saugeen Township. It is home to the Warder Courts, part of the Southampton Tennis Club and one of the most family friendly beaches in town.

South Beach Southampton Ontario

The water is shallower than beaches further North making it ideal for young children.

Uptown Southampton

Once you leave the beach areas of town and explore the businesses along the main street you have hit Uptown Southampton.

Traditionally where the year round locals have their homes this area is home to the Bruce County Museum, The Southampton Art School and Offshore Bakery.

Listen to a outdoor concert at Fairy Lake or if you need to visit the Southampton General Hospital.  

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