Map of the Great Lakes; Where is Ontario's Cottage Country

Looking at a map of the Great Lakes is a quick and dirty way to determine where to find Ontario's Cottage Country.

But if you ask the question where is Ontario's Cottage Country you will get a different answer from everyone. That's because where you cottage depends on a variety of different things; where your family cottage has been, where you live, what is close by and what is affordable for you.

Ask someone in London Ontario or Waterloo and you will get a different answer than from someone in Toronto or Ottawa.

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For example Southampton Ontario is particularly popular with people from Ktichener Waterloo as well as people from Toronto.

Many people assume that when they hear Cottage Country that people are referring to the Muskoka Lakes, but it is only one of many areas in Southern Ontario that is a cottaging paradise.

When it comes to the Great Lakes, Lake Huron and Lake Erie that are the most "cottagey". Although not a Great Lake in its own right Georgian Bay is also a major cottaging body of water.

Lake Ontario's shoreline is used more commercially than for play with cities like Toronto taking up the waterfront. But even Toronto has its own beaches that offer a cottage vacation in the city. The further away you get from the GTA the more cottaging you see along Lake Ontario. The prime cottaging area is now Prince Edward County.

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When it comes to Cottaging in Ontario, if there is a Lake, big or small, you will likely find someone cottaging on it - but it seems the closer the cottaging area is to Southern Ontario, Toronto in particular, the more popular the cottaging destination.

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